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PV Technology Systems & Operations Service

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Monitor pricing and take advantage of new technologies

The global solar market is no longer in its infancy, but continues to evolve at unprecedented scale. Sustained R&D investments, new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, cutting edge installation and lifetime O&M capabilities are enabling lower costs throughout the entire value chain.

Our PV Technology Systems & Operations Service will help you stay ahead of trends in system pricing, design and plant management, allowing you to plan for future growth and gain a competitive advantage.

Features at a glance

Our PV Technology Systems & Operations Service provides you with access to research reports, data tools, analysts and conference passes that will help you to make strategic business decisions.

The service includes:

  • Topical Market Reports & Insights: We provide customers with in-depth and timely reports spanning the upstream solar PV market including emerging technologies, O&M and asset management, components and hardware, and system pricing.
  • PV System Pricing Report: Our PV System Pricing Report is updated twice a year and provides historical and forecasted 5-year system cost breakdowns for residential rooftop, commercial rooftop, ground mount fixed-tilt and ground mount tracking PV systems in the U.S. and by region. Breakdowns include details on major PV hardware components and soft costs.
  • PV Inverter Report: The Global PV Inverter and Module-level Power Electronics Landscape report is published twice a year and contains the latest market shares and segmented 5-year forecasts for product shipments and pricing on a global and major country market level.
  • PV Technology Snapshot: The PV Technology Snapshot is a quarterly report series that highlights new or pre-commercialized technologies, asses their potential in the market, breaks down the vendor landscape and provides a view of the future of the technology. Example topics include solar module washing robots, drones, floating PV and building-integrated PV.

Download a sneak peek

  • 20+

    Reports and datasets delivered annually

  • Detailed pricing models

    PV system prices broken down by hard and soft cost categories across geographies

  • Emerging technologies

    Keep up to date with the latest trends in PV systems and operations

  • Unlimited

    Access to our solar analysts

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