People at work

People are our most powerful natural resource


We never forget who we are and what we stand for.

Our values uphold our unshakeable commitment to serve our customers and industries with the highest level of quality. The core of the Verisk Way, they guide how we grow as a business and the way we work with one another every day.

We know the best results come from gathering together a diverse range of people and skills.  This collaborative environment ensures an integrated view across our industries and gives everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Respect for the individual

We value the contribution of every individual, and welcome new ideas and a variety of opinions. In embracing our diversity, we are able to offer our customers a broader perspective as well as greater insight.


We prize the impartiality and objectivity that runs through our research and advice. We do what we say and place the highest value on the trust placed in us by our customers. 


We go above and beyond to help our customers, and each other. The tenacity we have for our work and the determination to get it right drives our prosperity. 


We have courage in our convictions and never settle for 'good enough'. Continually moving forward, we always strive to improve and not to be afraid of failure. 

Confidence with humility

We have the ambition to take advantage of our future opportunities but this self-belief is strengthened by the experience acquired from our past successes and the insistence that our customers come first.


We are focused on performing at the highest level.  Driven by what our customers need, we are uncompromising on delivering exceptional standards of performance and service that keep us ahead of our competitors.