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Make confident investment decisions in clean energy

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A complete data analytics solution for the energy transition

Tackle the energy transition head on and maximise investment opportunities in clean energy with an integrated view of global renewable and conventional power data and insights across projects, technologies and markets.


Connecting the dots across the electricity supply chain

Identify, screen and value high-growth energy opportunities in seconds with Lens Power, an easy-to-use, integrated data and analytics platform.

Custom-built to handle your most demanding workflows

Screen assets

Analyse LCOE

Value power assets

Perform senstivity analysis

View IRR

Assess power prices

Examine installation forecasts

Benchmark companies


The asset valuation standard for the power market

  • NPV

  • IRR

  • LCOE

Lens Power key benefits

  • Strategically position your organisation for the energy transition
  • Maximise investment opportunities in clean energy
  • Minimise risk by validating strategies against Wood Mackenzie data and models
  • Increase productivity and lower costs

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3d rendering group of energy storage systems or battery container units alley on field

Decision intelligence like never before

Lens analytics-ready data and integrated workflows include a range of sectors and focus areas across the integrated natural resources value chain. Whether you’re evaluating global upstream oil and gas assets or analysing projects in clean energy, we’ve got you covered.

3d rendering amount of energy storage systems or battery container units with solar and turbine farm