Webinar | The 2021 Future of Exploration Survey

About the webinar

The 2021 Future of Exploration survey

Join us on Tuesday 27 April where we will be discussing the results of the Exploration Survey 2021, exploration's biggest challenges, and our view on the outlook for the future.

This year sees the exploration sector in recovery mode as it begins to reposition for an energy transition world.

We put our questions on the future of exploration to exploration leaders and professionals around the world. The sector had fought hard to win its way back to profitability before the crisis struck. Its disciplined approach of recent years looks set to remain even as prices recover. Exploration is increasingly playing a role in moves to a lower carbon future and geoscientists are at the forefront of some new energy businesses. 

We've analysed the data to discover the key challenges the industry is facing, which explorers stand out from the pack and the role of exploration in today’s energy company



  • Andrew Latham, Vice President, Global Exploration
  • David Parkinson, Vice President, Upstream Consulting
  • Adam Wilson, Senior Research Analyst, Global Exploration