Rows of solar panels on hilltops during sunset.

Wood Mackenzie's support of

Let’s Share the Sun

Let’s Share the Sun Foundation aspires to facilitate the use of solar energy in developing communities around the world. Together our mission is to raise funds and support energy access in Puerto Rico.


Transforming the way we power our planet

Reliable, affordable power should be accessible to all. But for many it’s a constant challenge. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with Let’s Share the Sun to improve energy security in a rural mountain town in Puerto Rico.

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Our 2024 mission

Headed up by Luke Lewandowski, this year's WoodMac volunteers include Kate Bremner, Sonia SnellPaula Quiller, Octa Segura Delgado, Ana Fernández García, Steve Robertson-Pool, Fiona Murray and Shannon Buckley. Our volunteers are committed to enhancing our efforts to support vulnerable communities.

As a part of the collaboration between Wood Mackenzie and Let’s Share the Sun, the team will focus on two meaningful goals: establishing energy security at women's shelters and facilitating access to clean energy.

Meet our 2024 volunteers.

Change from the ground up

Let’s Share The Sun's mission is to improve the livelihood of local communities through access to solar energy, working to provide solar systems to communities with poor grid access.

That’s a mission we are delighted to support. We began our relationship with the foundation in 2021, engaging with local communities and leveraging our strengths in research, advisory and data to help provide access to clean, sustainable energy. 

Latin America is rich in access to the sun, but some areas lack fundamental resources

Our 2023 volunteers

In 2023, six volunteers were led by Joseph Levesque,  President and COO, and Luke Lewandowski, TVP, Global Renewables Research. They were joined by Joseph and Luke were joined by Nic de Visser, Sagar Chopra, Juliane Neukamp and Sylvia Leyva Martinez.

Luke became aware of the charity after founder Bill Jordan reached out to him on LinkedIn, and he was eager to leverage WoodMac’s strengths to help vulnerable communities.

A team of WoodMac volunteers travelled to Adjuntas in March 2023 for the second consecutive year

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