Webinar | North America power markets: outlook to 2050

Moving away from carbon tax and renewables still shine


Changes in the anticipated regulatory structure of North American power markets look to have significant long-term ramifications for energy, capacity and REC pricing.

Please join our team of experts for a review of key assumptions and model outputs from our 2021 North America Power Market Outlook - Base Case. The webinar will walk through many of the frequently asked customer questions including:

  • Do you assume an extension of the ITC/PTC?
  • How would the implementation of a zero emissions credit work?
  • What are the hurdles to Biden's clean energy goals?
  • How much capital investment in generation are you expecting over the term of your forecast?
  • How are energy prices impacted by an accelerated energy transition?
  • What impact do electric vehicles, distributed generation and energy efficiency have on your load forecast?
  • What are your expectations for transmission infrastructure improvements?