2021 Wood Mackenzie Northeast Asia Gas Forum - Virtual Edition


Asia Pacific gas demand weakened in the face of Covid-19 but with different severity across the region and between sectors. Despite this, regional gas markets appear to be resilient and a strong rebound in Asian demand growth may be imminent. What is the outlook for short-term LNG across the region? How are suppliers responding to buyer needs? 

Will new net-zero environmental policies and future technological shifts materially disrupt national and regional gas markets over the long-term? Join our experts for a virtual event where we present our views on the drivers of change in today's gas markets. 

*Presentations are in English with Chinese, Japanese and Korean simultaneous translations provided.



Session 1 (13:00-13:50 SGT/CST)

  • Welcome - Gavin Thompson, Vice Chairman, APAC Energy
  • LNG Short-Term OutlookRobert Sims, Research Director, LNG Short Term
  • Q&A – Gavin Thompson, Vice Chairman, APAC Energy

Session 2 (13:50-15:20 SGT/CST)

  • LNG after Qatar: Competition and Contracting StrategiesDaniel Toleman, Senior Research Analyst, APAC LNG
  • Carbon-Neutral LNG: Finding LNG’s Competitive Green EdgeLucy Cullen, Principal Analyst, APAC Gas & LNG
  • Net-Zero Emissions: Japan, Korea, ChinaMiaoru Huang, Research Director, APAC Gas & LNG
  • Q&A – Gavin Thompson, Vice Chairman, APAC Energy

Session 3 (15:20-16:00 SGT/CST)

  • The Future of Gas in AsiaVal Chow, Vice President & Head of APAC, APAC Gas & LNG
  • Panel Discussion plus Q&A – Gavin Thompson, Vice Chairman, APAC Energy