Refinery/petrochemical integration is transforming the downstream landscape (APAC/MEA)

10am (Dubai) / 2pm (Singapore) / 6am (London)

About the webinar

Watch our webinar on-demand to better understand how to benchmark the significance of petrochemical integration on the refining industry and how disruptive such integrated sites are to the petrochemical sector.

Focusing on Asia and the Middle East regions, we answer the following questions:

  • Asia/ME is the focus area for new investments (demand outlook to 2030 for key commodities)?
  • Is Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC the only way to achieve high chemical yields?
  • Chemical integration – aromatics or olefins?
  • What configurations are needed to compete into China/South East Asia?
  • How does the Middle East secure its place in those markets?



  • John Stewart, Principal Analyst
  • Matt Chadwick, VP Petchems
  • Kelly Cui, Principal Analyst 
  • Sushant Gupta, Research Director