Webinar | Global exploration before and after Covid-19

About the webinar

Global exploration before and after Covid-19
Our annual survey of the global exploration industry, conducted largely before coronavirus hit and the oil price crashed, showed signs of cautious optimism. Despite the threat posed by the energy transition, explorers were looking forward to another 30 years of exploration. There was, however, a keen awareness of the challenges ahead – the fight to remain investible, the need to increase capital efficiency and the opportunities and risks presented by deepwater exploration. 

Join us for a webinar discussing the results on the 2020 survey both in the context of the pre-COVID-19 view and in light of the new world we live in. We’ll cover which exploration companies stood out from the pack in 2019, the changing focus of explorers and the role of exploration in today’s energy companies.

In the meantime you can read our latest opinion piece on this topic and download the Exploration Survey 2020 results.



  • Andrew Latham, Vice President, Global Exploration
  • David Parkinson, Vice President, Upstream Consulting
  • Kristina Beadle, Senior Consultant