Webinar | Rare Earths: a global outlook for key market trends


This free to attend webinar will explore the latest trends and insights on the Rare Earths market. Taking place on Wednesday 15 September at times suitable for each region - please select the time that works best for you during registration.

The presentations will focus on:

  • The divergent trends in market growth for rare earths between different end-use markets
  • How the focus on rare earths consumed in magnet applications is expected to impact the global rare earth market
  • What opportunities for global supply are there under development and what is the capability of these operations to meet demand growth
  • How are sources of rare earths expected to change over the coming decade as demand requirements shift
  • Are policy changes in China expected to impact the supply of rare earths at Chinese operations
  • How is industry integration expected to impact market competition in rare earth supply and downstream processing

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Speaker: David Merriman
Demand growth for rare earths and reducing reliance on Chinese supply

Speaker: Leslie Liang
Transitions and developments in China's domestic rare earth markets

Speaker: Ross Embleton
Assessment of pipeline REE supply, opportunities and barriers to market entry

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