We are excited to announce that as of February 1, Wood Mackenzie is a portfolio company of Veritas Capital, a leading investor at the intersection of technology and government. Our focus remains on providing you with the best intelligence, analytics, data and tools to ensure you are making the best data-driven business decisions with confidence.  

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Wood Mackenzie Lens CCUS

Source-to-sink evaluation of the CCUS value chain

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Critical insights to shape your CCUS strategy

In order to get to a net zero world, emissions reduction alone is not enough.  Therefore, emitting industries are now looking to new technologies as a means of removing the CO2 created by fossil fuel use, and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) is emerging as an integral solution, playing a key role in the energy transition. Lens CCUS provides the critical data and insights needed to screen, benchmark and analyse project opportunities from source to sink.

A unique, end-to-end solution

Underpinned by a comprehensive dataset, Lens CCUS is workflow driven, enabling users to quickly integrate regularly updated CCUS project, emissions and storage data in a single flexible platform, substantially improving efficiency and data insights. This is complemented by written content from our team of analysts, providing deeper industry insights to unlock the story behind the data.

How Lens CCUS can be used


Evaluate opportunities source-to-sink. Identify COemissions, screen storage potential and analyse planned projects to pinpoint the optimum project locations.

Identify where COemissions are coming from, their volume and how long they will last, to identify and forecast demand for CCUS projects.

See how COcapture, transport, and storage capacity is being managed and how it will grow over time.

Understand the type and scale of storage locations and their technical characteristics.

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Decision intelligence like never before

Lens analytics-ready data and integrated workflows include a range of sectors and focus areas across the integrated natural resources value chain. Whether you’re evaluating global upstream oil and gas assets or analysing projects in clean energy, we’ve got you covered. 

CCUS insights

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage: what you need to know. 

Take a look at our CCUS Market Insights to understand more about this emerging technology.

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