Texas thaw: Gulf Coast supply chain begins recovery from winter storms

What our suite of real-time monitoring offerings captured across the Gulf Coast oil supply chain after last month's winter storms

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The US Gulf Coast crude supply chain began a weeks-long recovery in late February from the winter storms that wreaked havoc on production, midstream operations and refinery demand. However, supply and refinery demand showed signs of rebounding at different rates.

US production largely returned to pre-storm levels by 26 February, while widespread refinery outages lingered across the Texas Gulf Coast. This imbalance already contributed to inventory builds and could lead to a domestic oversupply in the coming weeks.

Total US crude production rebounds from freeze offs

We leveraged our suite of real-time monitoring offerings to examine the staggered recovery taking place across the Gulf Coast supply chain. Fill out the form for a copy of the full report showcasing specific data and analysis including insight on US oil production, pipeline operations, refinery demand and more.