Canada upstream | 5 themes to watch in 2020

Foresight 2020

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2020 predictions

Canada produces 6% of the world's oil and 5% of its gas, while accounting for an even higher percentage of global reserves. The country's inability to achieve parity with global prices for those products remains its dominant issue. Many of the topics facing the global upstream sector are especially heightened in Canada, given the intense scrutiny on capital discipline and environmental performance.

Our complimentary report explores the top five things to watch in 2020, including:

  1. Egress, exemptions and open season: annual rail volumes rise to 490 kbd
  2. Capital discipline and production growth – the Canadian mantra
  3. Comeback kid? Atlantic Canada exploration on an upswing
  4. Canada rises to the occasion as a clean-tech leader in methane
  5. AECO differential to Henry Hub narrows to lowest since 2016

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What does 2020 hold for the global upstream oil and gas industry?

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