Continental Europe upstream | 5 things to look for in 2020

Foresight 2020

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2020 predictions

The coming year will be pivotal for the upstream sector in Continental Europe. The path towards an early shut-in at Groningen will further contribute to a decline in gas production, but liquids output will increase, driven by the ramp-up of Italy’s Tempa Rossa field. Meanwhile, high-impact exploration and emerging investment areas could provide material growth opportunities.

The opening of a new decade often leads to introspection and Europe’s upstream industry will be contemplating its long-term future. The Majors are pondering possible divestments in some places, while challenging regulations are making E&P activity increasingly difficult in others.

However, Continental Europe is far from a backwater. Europe’s upstream may be in transition but growth is still an option. Exploration is perhaps the most prominent thing to look for in 2020.

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