Global unconventional upstream | 5 plays to watch in 2020

Foresight 2020

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What's inside this report? 

Over the last decade, the evolution of US Lower 48 unconventional plays has easily outpaced broader international progress. But as a new decade begins, a few areas of high potential are emerging in different regions around the world.

Could 2020 be a turning point for global unconventional activity? Read the full report to find out our 5 plays to watch in 2020.

Also in this report: 

  • PetroChina's shale gas output nearly doubled in 2019, outpacing its rival Sinopec. 
  • Three majors join forces to develop new technology that could unlock hard-to-recover oil from the Domanik formation.
  • Devon's Barnett shale exit marks the end of an era. 

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What does 2020 hold for the global upstream oil and gas industry?

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