US Gulf of Mexico upstream | 5 things to look for in 2020

Foresight 2020

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How accurate were last year's predictions?

What's inside this year's report?

2020 predictions

Activity levels will remain steady in the US Gulf of Mexico. The deepwater region enters the new decade with record production, multiple greenfield project FIDs and an active deal market. A new wave of investment is starting as ultra-high-pressure projects move from unproven to in flight.

All is not positive, however. Rig costs will start to creep up and a US election year adds new above-ground risk rarely associated with the region.

In this report we explore five key themes facing the region:

  1. Another year, another production record
  2. Rig rate inflation returns
  3. Multiple greenfield projects to reach FID
  4. M&A will continue to thrive
  5. Could the US Gulf of Mexico become politically risky?

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