US Lower 48 upstream | 5 things to look for in 2020

Foresight 2020

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What's inside this report? Key findings

What will the tight oil sector look like in 2020? It’s sure to be another pivotal year. Bankruptcies, M&A, debt exchanges, upspacing disclosures and guidance revisions – to name a few – all made 2019 tumultuous.

Many of the key topics we analysed the past 12 months will remain key themes to watch in 2020. ESG, the Majors’ Permian performance and investor impact on business models have the potential to transform tight oil into a new era.

In this complimentary report our experts highlight five detailed Lower 48 topics that will have a huge impact in their own right:  

  1. Permian players tackle headwinds, but maintain growth
  2. Northeast cost of supply continues dropping
  3. Mature basins refuse to enter steep decline
  4. STACK operators keep battling
  5. Rockies cost stack reshuffles

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