Lead: 5 things to look for in 2022

Predictions for the year ahead

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What's inside this year's report?

The coming year holds many uncertainties and imponderables, a great many of which come from the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus pandemic. Economic uncertainties also threaten, again with a significant proportion resulting directly or indirectly from the pandemic.

In this insight, we identify and address issues that could prove decisive to the direction the lead market takes in the year ahead. This includes:

  1. The cupboard’s bare: exchange stocks bottoming out and what this might mean
  2. Will the drive to EVs stall from high battery prices and carmakers fishing for chips?
  3. Boliden’s new facility and Stolberg’s return to production
  4. Chinese smelter rationalisation – will the dirty old plants finally be killed off?
  5. What are the prospects for TCs?

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