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Australia’s Hydrogen Opportunity Report

An overview on the service, discussion on the key projects and a view on some of the key limitations.

Hydrogen is emerging as a key energy vector in the global pursuit of a decardonised energy supply. 

Australia is expected to play a pivotal role given its vast energy resources such as fossil natural gas, coal, and also renewable solar and wind energy that can be used to generate hydrogen. These opportunities have been committed to policy by the Australian government. The Australian Government's Low Emission Statement aimed for AUD$2/kg for hydrogen to be competitive with conventional fossil fuels. To achieve this, Australia requires the implementation of low-cost, scalable, and low-carbon pathways to generate and utilize hydrogen.

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The video covers:

  • An overview of the Hydrogen Project and Energy Transition Service enhancements
  • Discussion of key Australian projects, including progress and challenges for green hydrogen
  • A high-level view of Wood Mackenzie's hydrogen sector demand and challenges

Hydrogen Project and Energy Transition Service enhancements

At Wood Mackenzie, we are enhancing our Hydrogen project data access with improved user interfaces for Hydrogen data due for imminent release.

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