Electric vehicle battery raw materials

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Can the mining and sourcing of battery raw materials (lithium, cobalt, nickel, graphite) sustain the future skyrocketing demand for EVs? Already, headwinds are emerging in the form of soft near-term fundamentals, weak sentiment and falling prices.

Electric vehicle battery recycling offers a sustainable solution as EV markets grow

At the heart of the EV revolution is a desire to reduce our carbon footprint. Using recycled lithium-ion battery (LIB) metals instead of 'virgin material' reinforces the eco-friendly trajectory of the EV, although recycling—despite its benevolent optics—comes with its own obstacles. Read more >>

Can metals supply keep up with electric vehicle demand?

The electrification of transport is transforming the demand and supply of those battery raw materials. In fact, we expect to see double-digit growth for battery raw materials over the next decade. And our latest research suggests they could face a supply crunch by the mid-2020s, increasing the pressure on the battery raw materials supply chain. Find out more >>

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