Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Massive charging infrastructure build-out required

The infrastructure to support widespread EV usage and the subsequent electrification of transportation is still materialising. And the change will be rapid.

US government looks to chip in on EV charging infrastructure

The availability of public charging infrastructure is a major factor in the adoption of electric vehicles. Could a new US highway funding authorization be the key to North American growth? Read more >>

EV growth will require massive charging infrastructure build-out

Stakeholders are scrambling to develop collaborative business models to access multiple streams of spend and revenue. Globally, we anticipate that tens of millions of EV charging points will be deployed by 2030. Is this a multi-billion dollar opportunity? Read more >>

We've published a new series of market reports focused on the wide-ranging, multi-stakeholder collaborations, case studies, corporate activities and forecasts that comprise the EV charging market landscape. 

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