What impact will EVs have on the grid?

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Strategic vendors and European utilities dominate EV charging M&A activity

Strategic vendors - companies that offer products or services in the EV market - and European utilities were responsible for over 80% of electric vehicle (EV) charging M&A activity from 2010 through H1 2019.

"Since 2011, there have been 32 acquisitions of EV infrastructure companies. 26 of those were completed by strategic vendors and European utilities. These companies are using acquisitions to enter and strengthen their position in the EV charging market," Kelly McCoy, Wood Mackenzie Research Associate, said. Read more >>

Protecting the grid from EV overload

Over the last generation, utilities have faced new hurdles with each decade’s new, disruptive technology. There is great opportunity behind the wheel of the EV revolution, although potential speedbumps are still ahead.   

Utility companies must examine ways to build new capabilities and partnerships to integrate grid operations. Could IoT technology be the solution?

The market for EV grid services

As sales rise, EVs' high capacity for energy storage is getting noticed by utilities, car manufacturers, and aggregators. EVs are unique in that they both consume energy and have the potential to store and feed back into the grid, a form of demand flexibility.

Utilities are already facing a need to prepare for the potential effect of EV grid services on distribution planning, and technology companies are seeking to predict the feature enhancements that might help them capture revenue.

We share our forecast for the potential market that these players are seeking to take advantage of in an executive summary on grid services and EVs.

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