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APAC is fast-evolving to become a hotspot for LNG and natural gas.

China’s gas demand is booming, and LNG imports are on the rise. Meanwhile India looks set to become Asia’s second fastest growing market. However, substantial gas infrastructure investment is needed in order to unlock demand.

Get to grips with market dynamics

In a rapidly changing market, success requires a complete understanding of both regional and local dynamics. Our expert team will help you to:

  • Accurately forecast market growth
  • Identify investment opportunities
  • Understand price drivers and short-term trends
  • Keep track of infrastructure developments

Meet the team

Our experts in our Beijing and Singapore offices provide commercial analysis on LNG & gas markets, pricing and trends across Asia.

APAC Gas & LNG Team

Asti Nuraini Asra

Principal Analyst - APAC Gas & LNG Research

Asti provides commercial insight into market dynamics in the APAC region

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Jacqueline Tao

Research Associate, Asia Gas & LNG

Jacqueline specialises in energy policy, and works with our Asia Gas and LNG team

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Miaoru Huang

Senior Consulting Manager – China, APAC Gas and LNG

Miaoru Huang heads up Wood Mackenzie’s China Gas and Power team in Beijing.

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Otavio Veras

Research Analyst, Asia Pacific Gas & LNG

Otavio focused on Southeast Asian gas & LNG markets

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Robert Sims

Director - APAC Gas & LNG Research

Robert heads Wood Mackenzie's APAC Gas and LNG research team. His expertise lie in market dynamics and analytics.

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Xueke Wang

Gas and LNG Consultant, China

Xueke covers China gas supply and infrastructure

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