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Identify your next competitive opportunity

New projects and technologies change the production landscape. Trade patterns fluctuate.  Producers emerge and policy innovations open fresh markets. Downstream oil is constantly evolving.

We can help you review the global supply and demand horizon, and improve your operating efficiency. Pinpoint the factors driving your specific business opportunities with seamless data covering all aspects of the oil supply chain. 

Get ready for IMO 2020

Is your business prepared to weather the IMO 2020 storm?

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Integrated data on refining and product markets

Plan your strategy

  • Detailed outlooks for crude oil production flows, production quantity and quality, costs and breakevens 
  • Asset-level profiles for every major refinery in the world
  • Performance comparisons including capacity forecasts, configurations, outages and margins
  • Proprietary models supplemented by specialist data

Understand the challenges

  • Fleet capacity and transit route analysis
  • Information on new and proposed pipeline capacity, oil storage and usage
  • Product market insight on supplier margins
  • Fair value and over the counter pricing forecasts, margin calculations, arbitrage projections

Bespoke consulting advice

From oil refinery industry analysis to strategic investment, our consulting team advises small, medium and large businesses across the diverse downstream markets using our detailed understanding of these complex, interconnected value chains.

Wherever your business focus lies, we can shed light on:

  • Strategy
  • Business development
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Product marketing
  • Operational efficiency and Performance Improvement
  • Infrastructure and logistics
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Chris Shepley, Head of Downstream consulting

Chris Shepley, Global Head of Downstream Consulting

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