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Inform your power generation strategy with predictive analysis of fuel and emissions prices and market swings. Whether you want to spot the next regulatory trend or understand how the switch from coal will impact the market, our research will get you there faster.

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How can we help?

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With solar, storage and smart grid carving out large chunks of the market, the power play between renewables, gas and power is becoming increasingly important. 

With detailed coverage of power market fundamentals, solar, wind, energy storage and grid edge technologies, we make it easier to understand the rapidly evolving energy landscape. Our research helps to support the financing of power generation projects and provides insight into your most viable renewables investment options.

Make smarter business decisions today

Our power market analysis draws upon our global oil, gas, coal and LNG coverage, and uses detailed fundamental models to help you understand the supply, demand, and price outlook for electricity and what it means for renewable technologies.

Renewables cost, technology and supply chain coverage

We are proud to have acquired both Greentech Media (GTM) and MAKE, deepening our understanding of solar, storage, wind and grid edge technologies, spanning:

  • Equipment production costs
  • Technology trends
  • Corporate dynamics
  • Local policy and regulation coverage.

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Bespoke consulting advice

Our consultants work directly with clients to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Performance benchmarking and improvement
  • Project development support
  • Procurement, price reviews and re-contracting
  • M&A and due diligence
  • Lenders independent reports
  • Market evaluations and scenarios
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Gavin Law, Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin Law, Head of Gas & Power Consulting

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