We are excited to announce that as of February 1, Wood Mackenzie is a portfolio company of Veritas Capital, a leading investor at the intersection of technology and government. Our focus remains on providing you with the best intelligence, analytics, data and tools to ensure you are making the best data-driven business decisions with confidence.  

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Lens Power

Connecting the dots across the electricity supply chain

Lens Power, Wood Mackenzie’s game-changing data and analytics platform, helps organizations proactively manage the energy transition and renewable energy strategies. From suppliers to power generation to retail distribution, Lens combines the most expansive datasets and power assessment capabilities, integrated together in an easy-to-use, unified platform.

With Lens Power, organizations can look across the interconnected global energy system to make data-driven strategic investment decisions and improve performance.

  • Strategically position your organization to quickly respond to market conditions and be at the forefront of the energy transition
  • Maximize investment opportunities in clean energy with trusted, analytics-ready data for confident decision-making
  • Minimize risk by validating portfolio strategies against Wood Mackenzie data and models
  • Increase productivity and lower costs with immediate insights using an intuitive interface fit for all users

Lens Power was built with you in mind. Your needs, your workflows, your view — all in one solution. 

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