Australian Multi-Client Power & Renewables Study: Between Now and the Inevitable

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Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables is launching a multi-client consulting study named Between Now and the Inevitable: Australia’s Electricity Challenge. The aim of this study is to address the challenges faced in the Australian power and renewables energy markets by leveraging our cross-commodity analysis.

In a recent webinar, our experts address key questions ahead for the Australian electricity markets such as:

  • Coal and gas are not going to disappear tomorrow, but what path forward do they face?  How prominently will coal and gas feature in the electricity outlook in Australia?
  • With renewables & batteries seeing aggressive growth and FCAS likely contributing less and less to the economics of existing gas peaking plants (as batteries begin to dominate that market), how are the peakers going to sustain their operations under the current power market?
  • What happens to reliability when there are 4 days with no or limited wind/solar? Gas peakers are needed in this circumstance, but will they be available?
  • Will a new reliability policy take over from the NEG? Will the system be reliable if there is no NEG or capacity market? Does “reliable” mean what it used to?
  • Will the renewables industry continue to grow without federal policies and clear support for new investments?”

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