Australia's electricity reliability challenge

Making the NEM work

Mark Hutchinson, Vice President and Head of Gas and Power Consulting, Asia

Mark Hutchinson

Vice President, Head of APAC Power & Renewables Consulting

Mark is expert in strategy, finance, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations and due diligence.

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The energy sector is undergoing a major transition, driven by changing technologies, new business models, increasing consumer engagement and climate change policy. In this latest webinar Mark Hutchinson, Head of Power & Renewables Consulting, and Zi Sheng Neoh, Managing Consultant, Power & Renewables, address and answer the following key questions that are shaping the market.

  • Does coal or gas feature in the outlook for forecast energy production in Australia?
  • Will a new reliability policy take over from the NEG?
  • With emerging renewables & batteries and FCAS being a small life support to existing peaking plants; how are they going to sustain their operations under the current power market?
  • What will the Australian government do to drive the retail power prices down?
  • Will the renewables industry continue to grow without federal policies and clear support for new investments?

Australia's electricity reliability challenge

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