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United States distributed energy resources outlook: DER installations and forecasts 2016-2025E

The free executive summary contains 12 slides of US DER data

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Wood Mackenzie’s first-ever US DER outlook combines 29 forecasts across six different customer-sited resource classes, offering a view of historical and forecasted DER capacity from 2016-2025E.

Customer-sited distributed energy resources (DERs) covered in this executive summary include:

1. Solar

2. Battery storage

3. Residential load management potential

4. Non-residential management potential

5. EV infrastructure

6. Fuel-based generation

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The executive summary includes the following figures:

  • Installations 2020E (DER capacity - MW)
  • Coronavirus impact (y-o-y change (MW)
  • Cumulative DER capacity 2016-2020E (MW)
  • Cumulative DER capacity 2021E-2025E (MW)
  • Cumulative 5-year change DER capacity (%)
  • US DER capacity by DER type (2016-2025E)
  • US bulk generation capacity additions by fuel type (2016-2025E)
  • Cumulative DER capacity additions by resource and customer type (2016-2025E)
  • Annual net DER capacity change by DER market segment
  • DER capacity by resource type by year, 2016-2025E
  • Annual capital expenditure by resource, 2016-2025E
  • Share of capital expenditures Solar v. other DER, 2016-2019
  • Forecasted share of capital expenditures by resource, 2020E-2025E
  • Opportunities and risks to outlook for different DERs
  • Annual installed DER capacity change by resource type (2017-2025)

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