Europe has thrust green hydrogen to centre-stage but is it ready for a star role?

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Momentum in the green hydrogen market has already been building fast. The European Commission’s (EC) hydrogen strategy paper – ‘A hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe' – has undoubtedly blown even more wind into its sails.

The EC’s paper cites our analysis from March 2020 “Green Hydrogen pipeline doubles in five months”. The EC is now calling for 1 Mtpa of green hydrogen production in phase 1 (2020-24), with a significant ramp-up to 10 Mtpa in phase 2 (2025-30). This will require rapid growth from a nascent EU market producing just ~0.05 Mtpa today.

The ambition for green hydrogen from the EC is clear. But details around achieving scale and cost competitiveness still need work. Gas market players might also be underwhelmed by dismissive comments around natural gas blending. We offer our thoughts on the EC’s adopted strategy.

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