Floating solar landscape 2019

Floating solar will satisfy just under 1% of annual global solar demand by the end of 2019, and 2 percent of global solar demand by 2022

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Although floating solar systems typically involve higher costs than traditional ground mount arrays, project sizes are increasing, which will bring costs down. The global average project size of floating solar projects has been climbing steadily since 2015 and is expected to continue rising.

Looking ahead, global floating solar demand is expected to grow by an average of 22 percent year-over-year from 2019 through 2024.

This report covers global and regional market trends for floating solar applications and provides CAPEX estimations for these applications in certain markets. It also provides a global, regional and country-by-country forecast of annual floating solar capacity through 2024. The report includes an analysis of the market drivers for floating solar and the challenges that lie ahead, along with drivers to reduce costs for these applications.

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