What is the near-term outlook for solar, wind and energy storage markets?

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The energy transition is underway, but at what speed? Our latest forecasts across power and renewable market sectors will help provide an answer.

After its first down year in recent memory, the global solar market is poised for a rebound. The world saw immense gains in energy storage deployments in 2018, and we expect the trend to continue. On the wind front, we've just upgraded our forecast due in large part to new state-level targets and strengthening renewable portfolio standard mechanisms in the U.S.

The slide-pack includes forecasts and charts spanning our global power and renewables research practice. Inside, you will find the following data:

  • How emissions differ by scenario, 2000 to 2040
  • Annual PV demand by major region, 2001-2024E

  • U.S. residential PV historical and forecasted capacity, 2015-2024E

  • U.S. residential solar financing outlook, 2018-2024E
  • Percent share of annual installed capacity by primary utility PV driver

  • U.S. utility PV installation forecast, 2014-2024E

  • Global cumulative deployment capacity by region, 2013-2024E (GWh)

  • U.S. energy storage annual deployment forecast by segment, 2012-2024E (MW)

  • Global grid-connected wind power forecast by region: 2018 to 2028e

  • Total offshore wind O&M addressable market by region
  • Cumulative AMI forecast by region, 2017-2024E
  • US power sector emissions since by today’s plant status (million tonnes), 2005-2040

  • Passenger EV sales forecast 2000-2040

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Our forecasts are built from the bottom-up based on historical data, project-level pipeline data, forthcoming RFPs, cost and power price data and forecasts, policy analysis and interviews with key players in downstream markets. We update these forecasts on a quarterly basis as policies shift, prices sway, and markets move.

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