The accelerated energy transition outlook

The electric economy takes flight

We are pleased to release our 2019 Accelerated Energy Transition (AET) outlook – Wood Mackenzie’s analysis of how the world can accelerate decarbonization. It includes a welcome note from our CEO outlining the global challenge to limit emissions and the opportunities we see for substantial progress. In the AET, we see a possible pathway, around or just below 2.5 degrees (celsius) of warming, but still not at the 2 degrees target. 

The AET uses the 2019 Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) as a starting point. We identify the salient issues that could feasibly accelerate the energy transition: a revolution in the deployment of zero-carbon technologies, creating an electrification windfall across all segments. Electricity demand grows 75% higher than 2019 levels, with wind and solar meeting nearly 50% of electricity demand by 2040 – nearly double the ETO. Policy evolves rapidly across all markets and all sectors of the economy. The upper limits of our scenario range from the cost infrastructure, speed of policy evolution, and technology ramp up timelines.

We've also released our AET-2 scenario which charts a pathway to 2-degrees.

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