Foresight 20/20: Onshore & Offshore Wind

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Wood Mackenzie's Foresight 20/20 series offers analysis and predictions about the decade ahead. Fill in the form on this page to get our full analysis of onshore and offshore wind trends over the past decade and predictions for the 2020s.

The Onshore Wind Foresight 2020 piece includes:

  • Defining a decade: A march towards mainstream as costs plummet and expand global adoption
  • Future focused: A final round of consolidation focuses innovation efforts and squeezes additional economies of scale
  • Growth gamechanger: Transmission investment is the key to changing the trajectory for onshore wind market growth
  • Gray swan risk: Repowering running into recycling issues

The Offshore Wind Foresight 2020 piece includes:

  • Defining a decade: From niche to ‘hard to ignore’
  • Future focused: Offshore wind is on track to become a mainstream source of electricity
  • Growth gamechanger: Floating wind can unlock new markets
  • Gray swan risk: Lack of policy frameworks, lukewarm returns and merchant risk