PTA Asset Benchmarking Tool

Benchmark PTA assets globally in the process of strategic planning, budget setting and investment decisions.

PTA markets are in flux as a protracted recovery in polyester demand appears likely. While some Asian economies, including China, have showed modest signs of recovery, economic risks remain for some western countries experiencing a surge in virus cases.

Understanding PTA production economics 

Quite independent of our outlook for PTA demand, oversupply is materialising, as an unprecedented wave of new PTA capacity begins operating in Q3 and Q4 of 2020. As new assets come online, the competitive position of existing assets will rebalance, potentially displacing current capacity.

In these uncertain times, understanding PTA production economics is a challenge.

Integrated view of PTA assets

To aid market participants in their strategic and commercial decision making we have created the PTA Asset Benchmarking Tool. This tool combines data from other Wood Mackenzie Chemicals services to provide an integrated view of the current PTA production environment, these include:

  • Long-term supply and demand data
  • Regional pricing sets
  • Paraxylene (PX) sourcing profiles
  • Technology yields

An integrated view of PTA production economics

In forming a holistic view of production economics, this tool enables our customer to derive powerful insights about the costs and profitability of PTA production, understand market dynamics, and identify future opportunities.

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