Understanding the demand for battery raw materials

Find out the key issues affecting battery raw materials

Electric vehicle types, energy density, battery capacity and cathode chemistry, are some of the key factors that are considered in our Battery Raw Materials long term outlook.

With so many dynamics at play keeping up with the rapidly evolving battery and electric vehicle market, is not straight forward. To help you we have created a three-part series on the fundamentals of battery raw materials and the EV market.

In part one, you'll find out more about:

  • Understanding battery raw materials demand
  • Battery, plug-in and hybrid – each EV type has varying battery requirements
  • How much will energy densities and battery capacities change over time?
  • More EVs, fewer cathode chemistries

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Supplying the electric vehicle revolution with battery raw materials

Pt 2 - Will there be enough metal?

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Electric vehicle battery recycling – can it fill the supply gap?

Pt 3 - Recycling will have an impact, but only in the long term

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