Supplying the electric vehicle revolution with battery raw materials

Will there be enough metal?

As discussed in part one, of our three-part series, demand for batteries is set to increase at an unprecedented rate over the next few decades.

Without a sustained supply of lithium, nickel and cobalt there will be no electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

Lithium, nickel and cobalt markets have already been reshaped to supply current EV battery requirements and going forward, each of the battery raw materials will face unique supply challenges once EV penetration really starts to accelerate.

In part two, of our three-part series, we take a look at how the supply of key battery metals is a considerable risk to the whole EV story, covering:

  • Lithium – brines, spodumene and conversion capacity
  • Cobalt – there's no escaping the DRC
  • Nickel – less cobalt means more nickel

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