Indian Point nuclear plant retirement

What are the implications for New York's power supply and energy prices?

On January 9, 2017, the State of New York, led by Governor Cuomo, and Entergy Corp. reached a settlement agreement for the early closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant in southeast New York. The Unit 2 reactor will be retired in April 2020, with Unit 3 closing in April 2021.

A long-held goal of the Governor, the plant retirement will dramatically change the New York ISO (NYISO) power market, where Indian Point currently supplies about 10% of power demand on an annual basis.

Indian Point's 2,100 MW of capacity is located in NYISO load Zone H (Millwood) in southeast New York. As of January 2017, two natural gas-fired combined cycles (NGCCs) are (or soon to be) under construction in NYISO Zone G (Hudson Valley), which should provide about 1,400 MW of new capacity in Zones G-J in 2020.

Any additional capacity by April 2021 to offset the loss of Indian Point should be achievable either through new in-state generators or capacity imports from neighboring power markets, if deemed economic.

ISO New England's (ISO-NE) capacity market may also be impacted by the Indian Point closure.

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