How will power markets disrupt the energy sector? (Past webinar)

Rapid technology advancements and the convergence of multiple disparate trends have already disrupted many industries and businesses, and there are signals that the energy sector may be next in line. A big shift in the way we produce or consume energy could disrupt energy markets as a whole, starting with power markets and snowballing from there.

On Thursday, October 19, our power experts Prajit Ghosh and Wade Schauer expanded on the discussions in our Is the energy sector prepared for market disruption? paper, with a webinar focusing on how decarbonization efforts and the falling cost of renewables will affect power markets, including:

  • Six common markers that indicate impending disruption
  • Energy market disruption: the role of power markets
  • Disruptive impacts of deep decarbonization
  • Market forces and challenges: looking beyond the falling cost of renewable technologies

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