Green hydrogen production: Landscape, projects and costs

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Hydrogen is having its day in the sun. As the Energy Transition gathers pace, it is increasingly being discussed as a key solution to many of the problems faced by decarbonizing the energy ecosystem. Hydrogen can be a fuel to supplement or displace others in transportation, heavy industry and many other applications; ones that are notoriously difficult to decarbonize. However, 99% of current hydrogen production is made from hydrocarbons. Green hydrogen is an alternative.

What is Green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is the production of hydrogen via wind and solar using electrolysis. It is starting to gain traction as wind and solar become cheaper and installations break record highs year after year.

About the report

The report is more than 80 pages in length. It details the electrolyzer vendor landscape, policy and investment environment, different user cases and case studies, and project pipeline. It also details production costs across different scenarios, for five different regions, and forecast out to 2030. The report is accompanied by a dataset detailing different costs at different assumptions. The costs are backed by a one-of-a-kind proprietary model.

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