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Upstream supply chain

Pinpoint probabilities, identify which projects are likely to go ahead and inform your strategic decision-making across the supply chain.

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How can we help?

Get deeper insight where you need it most

The upstream industry is on the road to recovery. More competitive conventional projects are moving down the cost curve to attract investment, making it more important than ever to choose your next projects with strategic focus. Which projects should you pursue? Where is profit most likely?

In a tough market, you need even tougher tools.

Whether you work in business development, strategic planning or investment analysis, we help you consistently and transparently identify, screen, analyse and benchmark opportunities. Together with Infield Systems and Quest Offshore Resources, we provide a broad range of upstream analysis and offshore supply chain data to give you the full picture, no matter where you're looking.

Find out who is developing, which fields will break even and where capex is being focused, so you have a clear direction for your next venture. 

Offshore production platform pipework

Four trends we’re seeing for 2017 FIDs

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Keep your strategy on course

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The scope you need to cover every angle

Get actionable guidance — not just raw data. Our combined portfolio of services creates a one-stop-shop for comprehensive, transparent and granular analysis of the upstream oil and gas sector, including:

Across the sector

  • Subsea
  • Floating platforms
  • Fixed platforms

Around the world

  • Global overview
  • Regional developments and analysis

Past, present and future

  • 10-year timeframe
  • Historical data over five years
  • Projections for the next five years

Bespoke consulting advice

From market analysis to strategic development, our consulting team meets the needs of large, medium and small enterprises across the supply chain based on our detailed understanding of operators and their portfolios.


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Malcolm Forbes-Cable, Vice President, Upstream Consulting

Malcolm Forbes-Cable, Vice President Upstream Consulting

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