Australian Gas Market Dynamics

LNG will change everything about Australian gas markets

With LNG linked gas pricing set to become a reality in eastern Australia we assess the supply outlook, supply-demand balances and outlook for gas pricing by state.

What our analysis will provide

  • Project level supply for all existing, under construction and potential projects in Australia 
  • Risked demand scenarios factoring in price sensitivity/industrial demand 
  • Forecast domestic gas pricing

Our latest Australian gas reports are now available. In these two new reports, we analyse evolving market dynamics and the impact on gas pricing in both eastern and Western Australia.

The gas markets of Western Australia and the eastern states are distinct and will continue to evolve separately. We assess the role of LNG, differing supply-demand balances and pricing outlooks. Understanding how pricing in both of these markets will evolve is critical to understanding project economics.

The Queensland LNG export projects have shattered the east coast’s ‘cheap gas forever’ mentality. We believe Australia’s domestic gas price is now inextricably linked to the global LNG price.

Nicholas Browne, Director of Gas and LNG Research

We are happy to provide more detail on the new reports. Please fill in the form on this page and a team member will be in touch to provide more information.

Podcast: Australia east coast market discussion

Is the Australian east coast market facing gas shortages? Will gas be redirected away from LNG exports? What is the potential impact of gas price? Angus Rodger, Chris Meredith and Nicholas Browne discuss the implications based on the brand new Australia east coast gas market report.