Webinar: Australia East Coast Gas Market Study

A comprehensive overview of the dynamics shaping the gas market

Nicholas Browne

Director - Asian Gas & LNG Research

Nicholas manages our Asia Pacific LNG, gas, renewable and electricity markets from Singapore.

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The east coast gas market is going through a period of profound change.

In the latest webinar, Nicholas Browne, Director of Gas and LNG Research and Chris Meredith, Senior Research Analyst, Australasian Upstream, addresses and answers the following key questions that are shaping the market.

  • Is the Australia Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) gas demand outlook for the east coast a robust planning assumption?
  • Is the east coast Australian market running short of gas?
  • What is the opportunity for new domestic gas production to fill the gap?
  • Can existing infrastructure cope with changing gas flows?
  • Is there a role for LNG imports?

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Australia East Coast Gas Market Outlook

A comprehensive overview of the dynamics shaping the gas market.

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