China’s gas pipeline imports grew by 20% in 2018

2018 was a promising year for China’s gas market. Will infrastructure growth help to prevent winter gas shortages?

China’s demand for gas keeps growing. 2018 saw the country overtake Japan as the world’s largest gas importer. The country needs more imports to meet surging gas demand, especially during the winter seasons. There were several promising developments in the gas market in 2018. New contracts, improved flexibility and new pipeline infrastructure contributed to a 20% increase in pipeline imports.

What are the key gas projects to watch in Central Asia and Russia? And will this additional import capacity be enough to prevent a further winter supply crunch?



What’s next for China’s gas infrastructure?

  • How much additional volume will these projects deliver to the Chinese market?
  • Line D has already been delayed – could a further delay compromise gas flow?
  • Will Russian gas be competitive with LNG?

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