Gas still the dominant force in Thailand’s power sector

Thailand’s gas demand is primarily driven by the power sector, making up around 60% of power generation. While there have been efforts to diversify Thailand's energy mix, gas is now making a comeback.

The latest power development plan, released at the end of last year, confirmed this: gas-fired power will increase from 37% of the power mix by 2036 to 53% by 2037.

How will Thailand meet this demand?


APAC Gas and LNG Associate Jacqueline Tao tells us why gas will remain the dominant force in Thailand’s power sector

Is there a role for LNG?

Domestic production is expected to go into decline from 2022. But a new tender has been awarded for the Erawan and Bongkot fields, which could help to breathe new life into production.

Imported LNG will still have a role to play in meeting demand. Watch the video to understand how this could affect power costs.


Gas demand for power generation stays robust

Thailand gas and LNG H2 2018 summary

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