LNG vessel nears port
Case Study

Purchasing LNG on a long term basis

What factors to consider?

The challenge

Our customer, an Asian buyer, was considering the purchase of LNG on a long term basis and they were in need of:

  • Screen potential new LNG supply projects and portfolio suppliers
  • Understand LNG project details and how they impact project economics
  • Understand portfolios of LNG suppliers and availability of LNG to sell
  • Provide information to support contract negotiations with possible counterparties

Our approach

The LNG Tool, LNG Corporate Service LNG FID Tracker and LNG Service Supply reports were used to help the team understand the specific details of each LNG supply project and LNG portfolio supplier.

  • LNG Tool  used to screen possible new LNG supply projects. The LNG supply reports also helped customer understand what influences project economics
  • LNG Corporate Benchmarking tool helped screen LNG portfolio suppliers. The LNG Corporate reports provide more details about these companies
  • LNG FID Tracker and LNG Corporate Month in Brief allowed customer to stay on top of developments pertaining to the projects and suppliers
  • LNG contract trends report and LNG Tool enabled customer to understand movements in LNG contract prices

The results

  • Customer was able to use our reports to understand the in’s and out’s of potential suppliers, and identify winners and losers.
  • Our tools and reports provided crucial information which is not available anywhere else, allowing customer to understand project and portfolio economics.