LNG vessel nears port
Case Study

LNG from a new Pre FID LNG project

Which markets to sell the LNG to?


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The challenge

An international oil company needed to determine which markets to sell LNG from a new Pre FID LNG project in the Middle East and Africa region.

  • Identify long term prices for gas and LNG in European and Asian markets
  • Understand the cost of shipping to those markets
  • Build a case to support project sanction

Our approach

The Global Gas Service and LNG Service and tool  reports were used. Our products helped the team understand the pricing trends in the markets, and the cost of delivering LNG into those markets.

  • Global Gas Base Case Report and LNG tool helped customer understand the LNG supply demand balance and the outlook for Asian and European long term prices
  • LNG contract trends report and LNG Tool let them assess movements in LNG contract prices
  • Shipping reports provided the cost of shipping and regasifying LNG in the destination market

The results

  • Customer was able to use our forecasts to get comfortable with the prospects of selling LNG into both the Asian and European markets to support their LNG marketing strategy.
  • Our tools and reports saved time and resources and supported the customer in discussions with investors and project financers.