LNG vessel nears port
Case Study

Looking to remarket LNG supply

What are the trends like?

The challenge

This Asian-based NOC was looking to remarket some LNG supply from one of its projects

  • Screen potential LNG market opportunities
  • Identify shortlist of LNG buyers
  • Initiate LNG marketing discussions

Our approach

The LNG Service and Tool as well as LNG Corporate Service reports were used. These products helped the team understand potential markets, their customers within those markets and key trends within LNG contracting.

  • Customer ran queries on uncontracted LNG demand in the LNG tool to identify potential market.
  • The LNG market reports were then used to understand these markets in more depth
  • Finally, the emerging buyer tracker from the LNG Corporate Service was utilised to understand the buyers’ business model, size of company and need for LNG

The results

  • Customers was able to use our tools and reports to quickly screen the markets with the greatest potential and identify companies within those markets.
  • Our tools and reports saved time and resources during the screening process and gave the company a strong understanding of possible counterparties prior to negotiations.