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A clearer view of the entire resources value chain in Australasia

Combining global and in-depth regional expertise, Wood Mackenzie delivers world-class insights and solutions. For more information about our data, tools and solutions, please fill in the form on this page.

Over the past 45 years, Wood Mackenzie has evolved naturally along the energy value chain to capture all the key components affecting global markets. Our integrated approach allows us to spot trends and forecast future dynamics before anyone else.

Our Australian research and consulting experts are based in the major cities across the country. They are located close to customers and industry contacts, well connected to the markets they cover, and can provide global understanding with detailed regional knowledge. 

Your industry is our business

Wood Mackenzie provides reliable data in a timely manner. I'm highly confident in the data quality.


One data powerhouse. One world-class platform.

Wood Mackenzie Lens® Fast, intuitive and easy to use. Instantly access, analyse and model data to identify and unlock opportunities. Cut costs and improve performance.