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28 May 2018


Report summary

The Marjan Complex, located off Saudi Arabia's east coast, contains four offshore fields - Marjan, Lawhah, Maharah and Hamur. Marjan, the largest of the four, is a super-giant field that straddles the offshore median line with Iran. The majority of oil reserves lie within the Saudi Arabian part of the field although the Iranian portion, known as Foroozan, also contains significant volumes. The field underwent additional development in the 1980s and 1990s and is believed to have a current production capacity of around 500,000 b/d of Arab Medium grade crude. Saudi Aramco's 'Maintain Potential' project commenced in 2005, with the aim of maintaining oil output at the offshore Zuluf, Marjan and Safaniyah fields. The project was completed in 2009. In 2017, Saudi Aramco announced a major expansion of the Marjan field, known as the Marjan Crude Increment Program, which will result in a capacity increase of 300,000 b/d by 2024-2025.

Table of contents

  • Key facts
    • Summary
    • Key issues
  • Location maps
  • Participation
    • Structure
    • Reservoirs
  • Well data
  • Exploration
  • Reserves and resources
  • Production
    • Development Summary
    • Initial Development
    • Maintain Potential Project
    • Development Drilling
    • Marjan Crude Increment Program
  • Infrastructure
    • Capital Costs
    • Operating Costs
  • Sales contracts
    • Royalty
    • Tax
    • Cash flow
    • Discount rate and date
    • Inflation rate
    • Oil price
    • Gas price
    • Global Economic Model (GEM) File
  • Economic analysis

Tables and charts

This report includes 21 images and tables including:

  • Key facts: Table 1
  • Index Map
  • Detail Map
  • Participation: Table 1
  • Well data: Table 1
  • Reserves and resources: Table 1
  • Production: Table 1
  • Production: Table 2
  • Production Profile
  • Cash flow
  • Economic analysis: Table 2
  • Split of Revenues
  • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Undiscounted
  • Cumulative Net Cash Flow - Discounted at 10% from 01/01/2019
  • Remaining Revenue Distribution (Discounted at 10% from 01/01/2019)
  • Remaining PV Price Sensitivities
  • Geology: Table 1
  • Costs: Table 1
  • Costs: Table 2
  • Costs: Table 3
  • Fiscal and regulatory: Table 1

What's included

This report contains:

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